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T'ai chi (taijiquan or t’ai chi ch’uan) is a traditional Chinese moving meditation, martial art, and health exercise. It arose out of the belief that slow, continuous motion, combined with an internal focus on subtle changes, enhances energy, well-being, and mental, emotional, and physical balance. Scientific studies have verified many of its benefits, and medical professionals now endorse it for arthritis, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, balance difficulties, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, and a wide variety of other conditions. It is easy to practice, requires no special space or equipment, and integrates natural movement with a joyful, reflective approach to daily life. An additional focus on qigong (energy work based on simple movement, visualization, and conscious breathing) will make it easy for those new to the course to begin to practice. Those with experience will review and extend their practice from previous courses. • Active participation.


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T'ai Chi: Mindfulness in Motion
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Feb 18, 2021 to Apr 22, 2021
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Class sessions are recorded.

Recommended reading: Jou, Tsung Hwa, The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation (9780692034057)