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If you've taken several genealogy courses, but are not finding the records/data you need to move your family history forward, this class is for you. This class is NOT a how-to-do genealogy class; it for teaching you how to be more efficient and effective when you search the Internet for genealogical data. You will learn how to create more effective database search criteria, find new research resources, and weed out unreliable information. During class, access will be provided to several subscription genealogy databases, databases available through Duke University Library and several free databases. Each student is expected to understand genealogical research methods. Handouts will be posted on the class website prior to each class for the students to download and print.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of a beginner genealogy course is required; completion of an intermediate and advanced course is desirable. Lecture (plus Questions) Hands-On activity (e.g., Computer, Art)


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Genealogy V: More Effective Computer Research
9:30AM to 12:30PM
Jan 15, 2020 to Mar 18, 2020
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Tuition non-credit $100.00
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Prerequisites: Completion of at least one beginning genealogy course is required. Completion of intermediate and more advanced courses is strongly suggested. If you have a research plan, please use it to help guide your research in this course.

Required supplies/fee: The instructor provides access to genealogical databases at a cost of $10, due at the first class.