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This course will explore the remarkable life and artistic development of Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh's life moved between the worlds of religion and art, reflecting the ministerial world of his father and the artistic world of his mother and her family. As young men, Vincent and his brother, Theo, worked in their uncle's art gallery, after which Vincent immersed himself in religious activities with passion, eventually becoming a missionary in Belgium. We will delve into his complex inner life and psychological struggles, and their expression in his art, in part through the extensive correspondence he maintained with Theo over many years. His life as an artist began at 27 without formal art education but with great intensity. He mastered the principles of color unlike any other artist of his time. In spite of his short life as an artist, he made profound contributions to the use of color and is considered one of the most influential, remarkable, and recognizable artists of modern times. | Lecture + Q&A.


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Vincent van Gogh: His Life and His Art
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Sep 15, 2020 to Oct 20, 2020
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Class sessions are recorded.

Please note: Special guest Alva Horton will speak on the architecture of Impressionist-era Paris and the Roman ruins depicted in some of Van Gogh's Arles paintings. In an optional session outside of class, cinematography expert Linda Luftig will discuss the animated movie "Loving Vincent."

Recommended text:
Ingo F. Walther. Rainer Metzger, Van Gogh. The Complete Paintings (9783836557153)
Steven Naifeth and Greg White Smith, Van Gogh: The Life (9780375758973)