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ONLINE: Do you ever wonder what the younger generations are thinking about? This course explores generational perspectives on today’s ethical issues through an interactive approach: 10 undergraduates partner with “overgrads” in OLLI to lead discussions that pursue and share perspectives on current issues. Overgrads and undergrads learn from each other about how their values have evolved and/or are evolving—and what ideas engage them now. Topics of social and political interest with ethical grounding will be explored using the guiding question from Socrates, “How, then, shall we live?” | Facilitated discussion.
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Intergenerational Ethics
Online - Zoom
2:00PM to 3:30PM
Jan 09, 2022 to Apr 10, 2022
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Please note: The course will be taught on Zoom each week, but there will be opportunities for those in the class who are available to gather in person for a potluck at Betsy’s home during February and April. Since the OLLI and Duke time frames for the term are different, we understand if OLLI students are not able to attend all the later classes, but, with Zoom, we hope they can arrange to do this. The course begins before the OLLI winter term start date and runs for 12 weeks, from January 9 to April 10. There will be no class on March 6 and 13.

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The required weekly reading assignments will be available on the course website.