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This course explores generational perspectives on today's ethical issues through an interactive approach. Ten Duke undergraduates partner with ten OLLI “overgrads” to lead discussions and to pursue and share perspectives on current issues. The emphasis of the course is to consider how your personal ethics are being formed and to fine-tune your own ethical code. Topics of social and civic interest with ethical grounding will be explored, guided by Socrates's inquiry: “How, then, shall we live?” Each week we explore an ethical issue from one of the following fields: health care: womb to tomb, how we eat, energy and climate, wealth and responsibility, technology and privacy, justice, social relationships, and lessons learned. Facilitated discussion; Active participation.


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Intergenerational Ethics: A Millennial Perspective
2:00PM to 3:30PM
Jan 12, 2020 to Apr 05, 2020
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Please note: The first class meets on January 12, and, because Duke’s spring break differs from OLLI’s, the class will not meet on March 8 or 15 but will continue from March 22 to April 5 for all OLLI members who can come.

Required texts:
• The required weekly reading assignments will be available on the course website. They can be read online or printed.