Course Description

Practically since human beings began writing, they have been writing in code and these ciphers have decided the fates of empires and nations throughout recorded history. At this interdisciplinary camp we will break down cryptology into three courses of study.

In one course participants will learn the history of cryptology from Julius Caesar to the NSA and debate the ethics of spying and encryption. In another course participants will learn elementary computer programming in Python to implement their code-writing and code-cracking skills. The remaining course will focus on the mathematical theory behind cryptography and crytanalysis - the mathematics involved will include statistics, number theory, combinatorics, and matrix algebra. Each of these courses will involve a culminating project or challenge - these include an essay or short story, a computer program, and a series of puzzles and challenges.

This program is open to students who entered grades 9-11 in the current school year. Students should be passionate about learning in general, and possess a curiosity about writing and breaking codes. Having some skill in computer programming can be very useful, however, no prior experience is necessary.

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