Course Description

This multi-faceted program addresses three areas of interest surrounding biosciences and engineering: engineering fundamentals, current research, and ethics and communication.

During the two weeks, participants will advance their understanding of current research in biosciences and engineering while developing their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through hands on activities in various engineering lab settings, students will learn about the current tools and techniques used in research. Additionally, they will develop relevant, real-life problem definitions and go through the engineering design process to generate possible solutions to the problem they define. The problems defined will be derived from exposure to the current research conducted during the first week of the program.


Program Highlights:

  • Hands on, applied problem solving activities and labs in Pratt School of Engineering and the Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility
  • Collaborative Team Capstone Design Project
  • Tours of Duke University generally and of the Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMiF) and the Duke Lemur Center
  • Topics include: biomechanics, biomedical imaging, electrobiology, bimolecular and tissue engineering
  • Co-curricular social and recreational activities

Participants will also engage in various ethics and communication workshops focused on analyzing the ethics governing scientific advancements. In order to further develop communication skills, they will also develop strategies for effectively reading, comprehending, and writing scientific journal articles. As a capstone project to the program, the students will participate in a poster and presentation session where they will use multiple modes to communicate their design project findings.

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