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. Meditate with the Voice and Sound is an experience in vocal toning, chant, meditative singing, and free, playful vocal sounds. This course encourages participants to develop voice, ear, and body connections. We learn about the science behind sound and explore how healing our voices can be for ourselves and others. Numerous research studies show how the sounds we create with our voices, aligned with intention, communicate powerful messages to our bodies to promote healing, relaxation, and well-being. In addition to vocal sound, we shall explore the sounds of the rain stick, crystal bowls, and other sound tools. Vocal meditation is a nonperformative, nonjudgmental practice for freeing the voice, being in the moment, and feeling the resonance of sound. You'll leave each class feeling centered and soothed. | Active participation; Lecture + Q&A; Zoom breakouts; Listening to audio recordings.

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Meditate with the Voice & Sound
Online - Zoom
9:00AM to 10:15AM
Sep 18, 2020 to Nov 06, 2020
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Virtual Classroom  
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Required supplies/fee: Students will find simple supples around their home, e.g,, a small amount of dried beans or rice, cardboard toilet paper roll, tape and/or plastic wrap.