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With the rise in hate groups, hate crimes, and anti-Semitic incidents, many believe our society is showing signs similar to those in 1930s Germany that led to the Holocaust. So what did happen then? Why were the Jews targeted, and why are they still being targeted? Why is the Holocaust still relevant today? What lessons can we learn from the Holocaust? This course will explore the process of human attitudes, actions, and behaviors that led to the mass murder of 6 million Jews and still might be with us today. There will be pictorial evidence of events and video testimonies from survivors. The instructor will share the challenges faced by his parents as they survived in the open using fake identities as non-Jews, and what it was like growing up as a child of survivors. We will look at our own attitudes and behaviors toward others, and learn what we can do to help fulfill the promise of "Never Again." | Lecture + Q&A; Facilitated discussion; Listening to audio recordings; Viewing videos.

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The Holocaust: It Didn't Start with Gas Chambers
Online - Zoom
1:30PM to 2:45PM
Sep 16, 2020 to Nov 18, 2020
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