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Want to be a better painter? We all do! This course will cover the basic elements we appreciate in the paintings of the masters. We will do quick studies to loosen up and lose the fear of the blank surface. We'll study color, value, design elements, lighting, and brushwork. Above all, we'll acquire brush mileage, the number one process to improve your painting skills. This is an any medium course: watercolor, oil, pastel, acrylic.  Note: Students are expected to bring the materials needed for their painting medium. This includes their own paints or pastels, brushes, and small painting surfaces (nothing larger than 9x12 inches). Students will need a sketchpad or sketchbook, value markers (gray markers), pencils, and some heavy paper like bristol paper or canvas paper for exercises. No solvents are allowed except Gamsol. Beginners or those needing advice on trying a different medium can contact the instructor for a list of supplies at njdarling@gmail.com.   Lecture (plus Questions) Facilitated Discussion Active Participation Viewing Videos

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Painting by Design
1:30PM to 3:00PM
Sep 11, 2019 to Nov 20, 2019
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PLEASE NOTE: This course has been CANCELLED per the instructors request.