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The best camera is the one that you have with you. Maybe that’s why the iPhone has become the predominant camera in use today, and “iPhoneographers” take and share more images than photographers with any other camera. Today’s iPhones and iPads are completely self-contained and designed to capture, edit, store, and share images all from the same platform. This course will enable iPhone users to understand and master this feature-rich camera. Topics will include: how to access and use the built-in camera app; how to improve images using Apple and third-party apps; how to store files through Apple and other cloud providers; how to share files on social media, including Instagram, e-mail, and messaging; and in-class practice on using the iPhone for travel, portrait, and abstract photography. Throughout the course, students will have opportunities to practice and share images in an open, noncritical environment.  Lecture (plus Questions) Facilitated Discussion Active Participation

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Introduction to iPhone Photography
1:30PM to 4:30PM
Sep 09, 2019 to Oct 07, 2019
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Required Supplies: Students will need to buy additional apps at a cost of less than $10 total.

Prerequisites: Students should have an iPhone 6 or later with adequate storage available to add one or two apps. Familiarity with the use of internet and e-mail is required.