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This course is an introduction to the Zentangle drawing method.  Students will learn the history and philosophy of Zentangle, the applications and the steps of creating a Zentangle tile, and at least 9 'tangles' or patterns.  We will  work with colored tiles, black tiles, round tiles, white pencil and ink, and colored pencils.  We will learn shading and other special techniques. The Zentangle  Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way for beginners to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  It increases focus and creativity, while providing artistic satisfaction along with a sense of personal well being and empowerment.  Zentangle  classes are taught by Certified Zentangle  Teachers (CZT).   Two five week sessions are offered to accommodate all who would like to take this course. Students will need to purchase a $25.00 kit (which contains everything they will need) from the instructor.  Hands-On Activity (e.g., Computer, Art)

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Introduction to Zentangle
9:00AM to 11:00AM
Sep 10, 2019 to Oct 08, 2019
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Instructor will provide the kit and students need to pay the instructor $35.00 which is due the first day of class.

Zentangle kit includes:

5 white tiles
2 tan renaissance tiles
2 round Zendala tiles
1 black micron 01 pen
1 brown micron 01 pen
1 black graphic pen
1 pencil
1 sharpener
1 tortillion (for shading)