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Rhythms of the World explores rhythms from different cultures in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Each week, students will experience a different culture through music and dance. Examples of this global exploration include the Bollywood rhythms of India, Latin American styles such as salsa, Celtic dances of the United Kingdom, and iconic American dances such as the Charleston and swing. No partner or dance experience is necessary in this course for active adults. Come burn some calories while you learn about the world! | Active participation; Lecture + Q&A; Viewing videos.

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Rhythms of the World
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 4:30PM
Sep 15, 2020 to Oct 13, 2020
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Please note: Please have ample open floor space, with about two to three feet of clearance in each direction, in order to move and experience the Rhythms of the World. Standing/walking is not required, as all activities can be completed sitting down as well.