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Do you know how to get the health care you need and deserve or how to keep someone safe in an acute care setting? Learn strategies to become a better health care consumer in a system that shows no signs of getting any easier to deal with. Whether we are advocating for ourselves as consumers or for a loved one as a patient, we may need to navigate different health care environments, such as medical offices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or skilled nursing centers. We’ll discuss the roles and motivations of settings, providers, and consumers. And we’ll explore how to get the information needed to make informed decisions, when and how to question or appeal, and what can be done about medical billing disputes. Prepare yourself by becoming a savvy consumer, keeping yourself and others informed and safe. • Lecture (plus questions); Facilitated discussion; Viewing videos.

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Consumer's Guide to Healthcare Advocacy
1:30PM to 3:00PM
Jan 13, 2020 to Mar 23, 2020
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Please Note: There will be a suggested reading or video review prior to the course so as to enhance the classroom experience. Optional follow-up reading suggestions are provided after each class, and at the end of the course, a robust references list will be distributed. Class will not meet January 20th.