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This course is designed to help you improve your enjoyment of bridge. It is only suitable for people who have previously played bridge, in college or socially, and is not for new players with no knowledge of bidding or playing. In this interactive online class, participants will learn how the partnership communicates their hand strength and shape to reach an optimum contract. This includes hand reevaluation, types of bids, opening and responding to no-trump, and major and minor suits. It will also cover ways to enter the auction using modern competitive bidding tools such as doubles, overcalls, and other conventional tools. Each class consists of a minilecture followed by playing practice hands to apply the concepts learned, using Zoom and state-of-the-art teaching and playing platforms. | Active participation.
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Modern Bridge Bidding I
Online - Zoom
3:30PM to 5:30PM
Sep 14, 2021 to Nov 16, 2021
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Virtual Classroom  
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Prerequisite: OLLI's Introduction to Bridge course and/or knowledge of basic bidding and card play techniques are required. On a weekly basis, students will be using their computer or laptop to play bridge. Mobile devices are not recommended. Students need to complete reading and homework assignments. The reading material will be provided either as downloadable documents or as links.

Required supplies/fee: There is a $20 fee, payable to the instructor, to offset the cost of using various online playing platforms.