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In this discussion-based course, we will examine European and American art made by women in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We will discuss interdisciplinary trends of feminist scholarship in art history and consider the issue of differences between art made by women and art made by men. We will evaluate the various strategies employed by successful women artists and consider how their art has been received. Our course will include an examination of the feminist art movement and consider issues of essentialism in art, art as protest, and appropriation in art. This course is a continuation of a course taught in winter of 2019, but does not require that course as a prerequisite. (Men are cordially invited to this course—please don't be intimidated!) An optional visit to a regional museum or gallery may be included.    Lecture (plus Questions) Facilitated Discussion Field Trip(s) 

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Art & Women: An Examination of Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Western Women Artists
3:15PM to 4:45PM
Sep 25, 2019 to Nov 20, 2019
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Recommended texts:

Whitney Chadwick, Art, Women & Society (9780500204054), $25.

Norma Broude & Mary D. Garrard, The Power of Feminist Art (9780810926592) $27.50.

Field Trip Fees: There may be some fees associated with museum field trips.