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The iPhone has revolutionized how we capture and share the world around us. Images taken by ordinary people flood every aspect of our lives. How do we incorporate a bit of ourselves into the images we take and share that with others? This course is intended to help attendees explore and develop their own sense of aesthetic values as applied to their images, whether shooting documentary photos or creating abstract images. Brief lectures will introduce concepts including how to "read" an image, compositional ideas, composite imagery, and color versus black and white. These topics will provide context for interactive class discussions intended to challenge students to develop their own sense of creativity and artistry. The majority of class time will be discussion, with students sharing images taken outside of class each week that explore the concepts being taught. Prerequisite: Students must have completed Intro to iPhone Photography, taught by the same instructor. They should have an iPhone 6 or later with adequate storage available to add one or two apps. Familiarity with the Internet and e-mail is required.  Facilitated Discussion Active Participation  

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Advanced iPhone Photography
1:30PM to 4:30PM
Oct 29, 2019 to Nov 19, 2019
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Students will purchase and download iPhone photography apps costing no more than $20 total and that will require a minimum of 400MB of available space on the phone.