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Have you ever wanted to make your own creative videos easily and for free? Now you can, using the powerful video production capabilities of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook laptop. Students will learn how to make effective, attractive, and inventive videos with that extra edge—to share with family and friends or on the Internet, or to use in teaching. The course focuses on getting the most out of Apple’s powerful iMovie application on mobile devices and on macOS. Learn all the steps involved, including taking meaningful and well-composed videos and photos, locating and organizing your media, creating a story, creating hooks to interest your audience and keep their attention, and using a spectrum of editing and “postproduction" techniques to add the kind of professionalism that will make your video sparkle. This course will be highly interactive, giving students hands-on practice making videos and getting class feedback. Requirements: Students will need to bring their own iPhone or iPad to class and install Apple’s free iMovie app on it. No prior experience with taking photos or movies with a device is required. Students can optionally bring a Mac laptop to explore iMovie on macOS.  Lecture (plus Questions) Active Participation Viewing Videos 

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Using Apple's iMovie: Creating Treasured Videos
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Sep 24, 2019 to Nov 05, 2019
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