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The current budget is $5 trillion and the federal debt is $22 trillion ($90 thousand per US adult). What we don't know, we can't change. Would you write a check every day without knowing what you are buying??? This is an examination of what makes up the federal budget, benefits of the budget to North Carolina, the impact of the increasing federal debt, and a perspective on possible future events. The course objective is to "simplify" the federal budget by discussing the timing/type of decisions that go into creating it, the "trade-offs" and "IOUs" involved, what “balance the budget” means, the choices/impacts (e.g., Medicare) of the budget process, and what happens when the unexpected occurs (e.g. hurricanes, pandemic flu, stock market crash). The course will be interactive and participants will get to "decide" on proposed budget actions to send to “DC” to decide if we “can have our cake and eat it too.”  Lecture (plus Questions) Facilitated Discussion 

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Federal Budget & Debt: So What?
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Feb 24, 2020 to Mar 02, 2020
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Tuition non-credit $30.00
Section Notes
Not required reading, but it is recommended attendees check out the following prior to the first class:
1.  Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (https://www.crfb.org/)
2.  Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform (http://budgetreform.org/)
3.  White House, President's Budget (https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/)
4.  Congressional Research Service's "Introduction to the Federal Budget Process" (https://fas.org/sgp/crs/misc/98-721.pdf)
Instructor may add/change prior to actual course start date based on most recent updates and information online.