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Take this interactive workshop to boost your writing confidence, improve your writing process, create, and experiment, all with no grades—just fun! You will write from prompts in any form you want:  free writing, short story, lyrics, journal, poem, essay, and more. You will receive lessons in craft that will help you create plots, develop characters, and draft poems. The workshop provides a safe space for all writers where everything is kept in confidence. In addition, all feedback will be positive and supportive. Participants will grow as creative writers as a result of constructively responding to each other's writing. No one is required to share their writing, and written pieces will not be discussed outside the workshop. You will write in a nonhierarchical setting because the workshop leader writes with participants; all participants and the leader are treated as equals. The workshop is appropriate for experienced and novice writers.  Facilitated Discussion Active Participation  Writing 

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Creative Writing: How to Unlock Your Strengths
1:30PM to 4:00PM
Jan 13, 2020 to Mar 09, 2020
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Tuition non-credit $100.00
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Required supplies/fee: Students are required to come to the first class with a double pocket folder, a composition book or journal, and a pen. Estimated cost $10. No additional fees.

Recommended text:
• Abigail Thomas, Two Pages (9781494420635).