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Poetry forms, ancient and modern, have long been used to inspire poets to create new exciting work. Here we will briefly study a form by reading outstanding examples of that form, then do some in-class warm-ups to prepare to write our own poems at home during the week. In the next class, we will each share our poems and will briefly look at the merits and possible ways to strengthen our poems. We will write poems using between four and five forms guided by the interests of the students as expressed during the first class. We will consider various forms, from the abecedarian (using an alphabetical acrostic in which each letter starts a new line), to structured templates such as the envelope poem or common measure (Emily Dickinson's preferred form), to more modern forms such as the Golden Shovel, to mixed forms of prose and poetry as in the haibun. In this outward bound poetic adventure, the potential to develop line, repertoire, and craft will guide our journey. | Lecture (plus questions); Facilitated discussion; Active participation; Writing

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Fantastic Forms: Writing New Poetry
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jan 15, 2020 to Mar 18, 2020
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Tuition non-credit $100.00
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Please note: You will need a computer and the ability to print out copies of your poems. Please bring your writing materials to each class.

Recommended text:
• Edward Hirsch, The Essential Poet’s Glossary (9780544931237).