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The imminent end of religious America is here and now. Many people no longer identify with any spiritual tradition; churches are losing members, and some are closing; more people are identifying as atheists or agnostics. Our religious traditions need to be reimagined in ways relevant to today’s world, with new structures that provide community for people. This course will show some positive ways this is beginning to happen in Christianity and other religions. We will show how progressive religious thinkers are reimagining issues such as God, sacred texts, Jesus and other wisdom teachers, human nature, religious communities, ethics, spiritual experience, and social justice, as well as how new community practices are emerging. Students of all religions or no religion are welcome. The class style will be democratic, providing a safe space for conversation among all participants. It will be interactive and open to all points of view and will promote respect and understanding. | Facilitated discussion; Active participation

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Reimagining Religion for Today
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jan 14, 2020 to Mar 17, 2020
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Please note: There is no required text, but brief articles will be provided for each class discussion.
Many of these will be distributed via e-mails, so you will need to have a working computer and printer.