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Robert Frost spent his early childhood in the bustling streets of San Francisco. Later, after a decade as a part-time farmer, he found his first success in England at the age of thirty-eight. Often thought of as the most American of writers, Robert Frost wore the mask of a simple pastoral poet. Like Emerson, he saw in nature a spiritual analog, but like Darwin, Frost also saw the evidence of violence in nature’s plan. From an early age, he experienced tragedy; a biographer said Frost suffered from depression, anxiety, self-doubt, and confusion throughout his long life. Frost won four Pulitzer Prizes and became the quintessential New England poet. A poem “starts in delight, ends in wisdom [and] . . . is a momentary stay against confusion,” he wrote. “Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat.” Frost was humorous, wry, and wise, a master of lyric and narrative poetry. There is much to enjoy, discover, and discuss among his decades of wonderful poetry. | Lecture (plus questions); Facilitated discussion; Viewing videos

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Selected Poetry of Robert Frost
3:15PM to 4:45PM
Jan 15, 2020 to Mar 18, 2020
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The Poetry of Robert Frost, ed. by Edward Connery Lathem; (9780805005028).
Used paperback copies can be purchased cheaply online.