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ONLINE: This course will have three lectures: 1) Fridtjof Nansen is considered the godfather of modern polar explorers. At age 31, he led an expedition to the North Pole that came closer to success than any before it. The instructor will explain who Nansen was and how he organized his polar explorations, focusing on the challenges he faced and his indomitable will to overcome all. 2) Hailed as “among the most compelling documents to come out of the war,” "From Day to Day" is a World War II concentration camp diary secretly written by Fridtjof Nansen's son, Odd Nansen. Out of print for decades, the instructor rescued the diary from oblivion after reading the memoir of another Holocaust survivor whose life Nansen saved. He will explain who Odd Nansen was, why he was arrested, why he wrote this diary, and how he saved it. 3) Odd Nansen had close ties with almost every major Norwegian artist of his time. The instructor will explore all these connections and how they influenced his own art. | Lecture + Q&A.

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