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No religion in the world is as feared and misinterpreted as Islam. It is conceived in the Western world as an extreme faith that affects not only its followers but also the lives of so many others. In this course, we will cover the hottest topics, themes, and concepts, such as sharia, the status of non-Muslims, the role of Jesus, and the concepts of good and evil in Islam, in a comprehensive way. This course will be a learning opportunity for all who want to challenge their preconceived ideas about these concepts in a safe place where they can share their prejudices and thoughts about these issues. This will be an extension of the course Hot Topics in Islam I. It will cover a variety of topics not covered in that course. Hot Topics in Islam I is not a prerequisite for this course. | Lecture (plus questions); Facilitated discussion; Listening to audio recordings; Viewing videos; Field trip(s)

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Hot Topics in Islam II
11:00AM to 12:30PM
Jan 16, 2020 to Mar 19, 2020
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Please note: We will have a dinner or breakfast in a Muslim home and a field trip to a local mosque. These are optional learning opportunities to meet and greet people in person.
Required supplies/fee: The instructor will provide all supplies (weekly photocopies and handouts) for a fee of $10, due at the first class.
Recommended text:
• Ali Unal, The Qur’an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English (9781597841443).