Research for Today’s Global Challenges

Students taking notes on plants

In our world today, we are confronted by many pressing challenges – from developing vaccines to prevent global pandemics like COVID-19 to finding new ways to meet the demands of our educational and economic systems when we are social distancing. Such complex problems require innovative minds to find solutions – they require researchers. Researchers are the world’s questioners, investigators, and problem-solvers. In order to solve social and scientific challenges like a researcher, you must have the skills and knowledge needed. In Duke Summer Session’s online Research for Today’s Global Challenges, you will gain the fundamental skills required to begin thinking like a researcher and contributing to discovery. Tomorrow’s researchers will solve some of today’s most significant challenges. Could one of those researchers be you? 

Research for Today’s Global Challenges introduces you to the life of a researcher through a dynamic series of online lessons, enrichment activities, discussions, and guest lectures from Duke researchers. Whether your motivation is scientific or social science research, the topics and guest lectures during this two-week course will help you develop your passion. You will learn the fundamentals of research: how to find and read research, develop a research question, test your hypothesis, critically evaluate research outcomes, and develop strategies for translating data into action. Because research is highly collaborative, you will work with peers to analyze scientific literature and discuss topics such as mentoring, ethics, and funding. Embark on a two-week journey to discover your research interests, learn about trailblazing research being done at Duke, and how you can impact the world through your own research!  

This course is open to rising 10th graders – 12th graders 

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