Duke University Marine Lab

students at Duke Marine Lab pier

Located on the coast of North Carolina, the Duke Marine Lab offers a unique interactive experience for Pre-College participants. Students live and learn on site, with classes taught by experienced instructors and industry professionals while access to labs, boats, and other Marine Lab resources. Courses will include sustainability, conservation, marine biology and more.


Program Information

One-week middle school program
Grades: 6-8
Dates: July 14-20
Tuition: $2,250.00
Room & Board: $850.00
*6 nights of housing, 7 days of meals


One-week high school program
Grades: 9-11
Dates: July 7-13
Tuition: $2,250.00
Room & Board: $850.00
*6 nights of housing, 7 days of meals


Duke Pre-College does not provide transportation to Beaufort, NC. A parent/guardian must transport the participant to the Duke University Marine Lab on the arrival day, and pick them up by the departure time. 

All participants must meet North Carolina immunization requirements. 

  1. First, students apply to the Pre-College program, indicating their course(s) of interest. View our how to apply page to begin. 
  2. After they receive notification of their acceptance into Duke Pre-College, they enroll in the course(s) indicated in their Pre-College Application.