Pre-College Programs

Duke Pre-College Programs provide rigorous learning experiences to academically-motivated, intellectually curious high school students. Our diverse selection of enrichment courses are designed to bring the Duke experience to 9th-12th graders through trailblazing topics featuring Duke guest speakers, researchers, and resources. We offer courses across the curriculum with schedules that meet the needs of participants: from month-long online courses throughout the traditional school year to two and three-week online summer courses. Duke Pre-College courses prepare students for postsecondary success by enhancing their effective presentation skills, collaboration, and creative problem-solving while they experience advanced content not typically found in the high school curriculum. Read more about our courses to discover how you can have an unforgettable experience at Duke University.


  • February 8 – March 3, 2021
  • April 12 – May 5, 2021

Online enrichment courses. Synchronous sessions Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m. (EST).

Blue Devil Connections

  • Session I: June 14 – June 25, 2021

Two-week online enrichment program. Synchronous sessions Monday – Friday. Select from morning or afternoon (EST) course sections.

Three-Week Online Program

  • Session II: June 28 – July 16, 2021
  • Session III: July 19 – August 6, 2021

Three-week online enrichment program. Synchronous sessions Monday – Friday. Choose from morning or afternoon (EST) course sections.

Students gathered around a classroom table

Pre-requisite: Algebra II or its equivalent Have you ever watched the news, read a story that popped up on your phone, or seen a tweet with tables,... read more about Analyzing Big Data »

Students studying together intently

Social media is filled with competing and opposing claims concerning whether a college degree pays off, whether immigration hurts or benefits... read more about Applied Econometrics »

Student repairing a device

How can someone live with a metal pacemaker in their heart for up to 15 years? Do you ever wonder what signals your brain emits when you sleep? How... read more about Applied Engineering Design in Medical Devices »

Students talking seriously in a group

Did you know that surgery differs throughout the world? From cultural differences related to health and well-being to disparities in resources and... read more about Bioethics in Global Surgery »

Three students in a huddle problem-solving

How do police enforce laws? How does a defendant’s access to lawyers and legal counsel determine outcomes and justice? Now more than ever, we are... read more about Criminal Law at the Intersection of Race, Class, and Power »

Student drawing on a whiteboard

Why do engineering interventions often fail? How can we improve the engineering design process to address points of failure? What does human-centered... read more about Engineering Solutions for Global Health: The Human Centered Design Process »

Students smiling in class

Citizenship is going global! Our collective sense of our rights, responsibilities, priorities, and even our very identities are no longer solely... read more about Global Citizenship and Ethics »

Medical students staging a procedure

Are you interested in learning about the variety of healthcare professionals and how their roles supplement and complement each other to achieve... read more about Healthcare Professions and Modern Medicine »

Student outside studying

Why is it that smart people make foolish spending decisions? Why are we inclined to sell winning investments too early, but hold losers too long; why... read more about Irrational Behavior in Financial Decision-Making »

Masked students working on a technical project

Have you ever dreamed about space or traveling to another planet? Have you thought about what it might be like to live on Mars? This may sound like a... read more about Mars: The Next Frontier »

Lab students at computer

Imagine going on a three-year car trip… but without stopping for gas or snacks, and with no way of turning back easily. What would you bring with you... read more about Medicine in Space »

Student in lab with chemistry equipment

How do we detect COVID-19 from patient samples? How do we design and develop new medicines? How does toothpaste or soap work? How can we recycle... read more about Molecules of Life: From Everyday Chemistry to Modern Medicine »

Student with a laptop

As a high school student, do you have concerns about managing your own finances when you go to college? In this course, you will learn the... read more about Personal Finance »

Students gathered around photographs in a gallery

What makes compelling photojournalism? How can images convey the significance of a moment, subject, or event and engage an audience? Why are... read more about Photojournalism: Documenting Resilience in Evolving Times »

Sidewalk chalk drawing of thank you to Duke health workers

Are you an artist, dancer, or musician who loves science? Are you interested in learning more about the field of medicine and how the creative arts... read more about Reshaping Healthcare through the Arts »

Students gathered in front of a white board looking at bones

Are Dr. Fauci and other health experts convincing the public to take precautions against COVID-19?  Are climate scientists reaching policy-makers... read more about Scientific Research and Communication »

Women working with documents together at a table

Did you know that women in the United States could not open their own bank accounts until the 1960s? How might this impact poverty – both past and... read more about Women in Politics »