Legal Nurse Consulting

The Duke Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting virtual classroom program was created in collaboration with local Legal Nurse Consultants in 2009. Both parties recognized not only the demand for qualified LNC professionals, but the need for a quality training program that would effectively address this need.

The Duke LNC program is divided up into six modules, which are designed to be taken sequentially. All of the instructors are licensed RN’s and have worked in an LNC capacity for either a law firm, a healthcare organization, or as an independent entity.

What are the objectives of the Duke Program?

The objective of the Certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting is to prepare the registered nurse (RN) to perform analysis of health care issues and their related outcomes for the legal profession or other health care organizations in a variety of settings. Building on the nurse’s education and clinical experience, the program will provide the practical skills and legal knowledge necessary to function in the legal arena. Additionally, instructors will ensure that nurses who take the program understand the role of the LNC in the greater community and what is involved in working as a consultant.

Who should attend?

  • Registered Nurses with an active license* interested in
    • broadening their scope of practice
    • learning more about the application of law to medicine and health related services
    • developing a career as a consultant utilizing years of clinical experience as a nurse
  • Registered Nurses with an active license* interested in becoming Legal Nurse Consultant Certified (LNCC)**