OLLI at Duke

Code of Conduct

Curiosity + Connection + Kindness + Compassion = Community

OLLI at Duke endeavors to create a positive and affirming environment that fosters learning and social connection. Members, instructors and staff are expected to demonstrate mutual respect, personal and academic integrity, kindness and a commitment to civil discourse. Ensuring OLLI at Duke is a welcoming, inclusive and affirming learning community is a responsibility we all share. These principles apply to all OLLI courses, whether they are in person or online.

We welcome a lively and passionate exchange of ideas and perspectives. Opposing viewpoints are welcomed and appreciated. Instructors are responsible for leading and moderating classroom discussion. Instructors have the prerogative of inviting/allowing questions throughout the class or asking members to hold their questions until the end of class or another designated time. 

Members, instructors and staff of the OLLI at Duke community are encouraged to contact olli@duke.edu if they observe behavior that is a significant violation of this code of conduct. OLLI will investigate, and if there is a problem, will address it directly with the alleged violator and determine the consequences. Violations of the code of conduct may result in the suspension or termination of membership/teaching privileges for a member or instructor or a disciplinary warning/termination of employment for a staff member.

Access & Accommodations

Duke University has policies in place to ensure people with a wide range of abilities have equal access to its programs and activities. If you anticipate needing any accommodation or have questions about the access provided at any course location, please contact the OLLI office by email before your course begins at olli@duke.edu.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Duke University prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, or age. The university also makes good-faith efforts to recruit, employ, and promote qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. It admits qualified students to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. The university also does not tolerate harassment of any kind.

Scholarship Support

We want OLLI at Duke courses to be accessible to all who have a passion for lifelong learning. Thanks to the generosity of a former OLLI president, Lynne Blake, scholarship support is available.

If you would like to request scholarship support, please email Kathy.Parrish@duke.edu and ask about our Community Membership. All requests are confidential.

Refund Policy

Membership Dues

OLLI at Duke offers individual memberships only. Membership entitles the member to register for courses, participate in Special Interest Groups and other OLLI activities throughout the membership year. Membership is available starting March 1 and is good through June 30 of the following year. Membership dues are nonrefundable.

Courses Fees

All courses are priced individually. Course fees register one member for the course. Members are not permitted to bring unregistered visitors to a course. Payment is accepted online via credit card during the registration process. Payment must be made at the time of registration to ensure enrollment in the courses. If you join the waitlist for a course, you will pay for the course when you are invited to join the class.

All application, administrative, membership, Special Events/workshops, and course material fees are nonrefundable. Payment for dropped courses cannot be prorated or applied to funds for future offerings.

Drop or Transfer

To request a refund (less nonrefundable fees) for a dropped OLLI course, members must submit a written request of cancellation within five business days from the first class meeting by emailing learnmore@duke.edu. There is an administrative fee ($10 for course fees of $50 or less, or $20 for course fees $51 and above) per course dropped. To avoid administrative fees, you can request to transfer to a new class. If the new course costs more, you will be charged for the difference.

No refunds will be issued after five business days from the first class meeting, except in a medical emergency. To request a refund due to a medical emergency, please email OLLI@duke.edu.

Cancellation Policy

OLLI at Duke reserves the right to cancel a course or event due to inclement weather, insufficient enrollment, or circumstances beyond our control; refunds will be made automatically. If a course is canceled by OLLI at Duke, your course fees will be refunded automatically.

Severe Weather Policy


OLLI at Duke follows the lead of Durham Public Schools (DPS) regarding the Severe Weather Schedule

  • If Durham Public Schools close, all OLLI classes and activities are canceled.
  • If Durham Public Schools delay opening, OLLI classes and activities before 10:00 a.m. are canceled.
  • If the Durham Public Schools close early, all OLLI classes and activities at 3:00 p.m. or later are canceled.

Please check your email before you leave your home for class. There may be instances where OLLI classes are in session and a particular instructor cannot travel due to weather conditions. In those cases, OLLI members can expect to receive an email from their Instructor and/or the OLLI office notifying them of the cancellation.

Regardless of the weather or road conditions, every OLLI member and instructor needs to make their own decision about whether it is safe to travel. Please use good judgment before leaving your residence.


Online courses are not affected by weather unless the Instructor loses power or internet connection. If OLLI needs to cancel a course due to a power outage, staff will notify students via email as soon as possible. The class session will be rescheduled for a make-up day at the end of the course or during make-up week.

Instructor and Member Recording Disclosure

Instructor and Member Recording Policy

This agreement outlines the terms under which OLLI at Duke ("OLLI") may record and distribute course sessions for the benefit of registered members. Instructors will be notified in advance if their course is selected for recording.

OLLI will select approximately 15-20 courses per term for recording based on factors like class size and content. Generally, discussion-oriented courses focused on personal sharing will not be recorded.

OLLI offers recordings of select courses to provide members with additional flexibility and review opportunities, as well as provides access for differently abled members. This agreement applies to instructors ("Instructor") teaching courses chosen for recording.

Instructor Agreement

If the instructor would like their course to be considered for recording, the instructor must agree to the following:

  • Recording and Distribution: OLLI is responsible for all recordings and distributions. All recordings will be initiated by an OLLI staff person.
  • Limited Access for Registered Students only: Recordings will be available only to registered students through the Learnmore student portal during the term.
  • Availability Window: Recordings will be available within 48 hours of the live session and throughout the course. Recordings will remain in the Student Portal for 30 days after the term ends, after which they will be removed from the Student Portal and no longer be accessible.
  • Course Catalog Designation: Recorded courses will be clearly marked in the course catalog for student reference during registration.
  • OLLI Use of Recordings: OLLI may use select recordings for marketing, training, community partnerships, or instructional purposes.
  • Recordings Not Downloadable: members and instructors cannot download recordings.

Instructor Contract Agreement

If the course is chosen to be recorded, the Instructor Contract will include an agreement for recording. The following clause is on the instructor contract that instructors sign:

“By signing below, I agree to give permission and consent to Duke University to allow photographs, video, and audio recordings to be taken of instructor as well as the instructors course activities pursuant to the instruction set forth in this agreement. Instructor further gives permission to Duke University and agrees that 1) photographs, video and audio recordings of instructor taken during the courses and 2) writings and other work produced for the course, and screenshots of instructors writings/work may be used to support Duke community partnerships and in perpetuity in Duke products publications websites and or social media channels.”

Member Agreement

Many OLLI courses and events are recorded. OLLI members and participants agree to be recorded when registering for a recorded course. Members are made aware of recorded sessions and the recording Disclosure (below) via the OLLI Welcome Video and spoken reminder at the start of every recorded session.

“OLLI at Duke is recording this Zoom session to share with the members who registered for this session and OLLI’s community partners. OLLI may also use this recording for instructional purposes and future online learning offerings. If you type in the chat window or unmute yourself to ask a question, your chat message, video image, and name will be recorded. By remaining in this meeting, you are agreeing to these terms and grant OLLI at Duke permission to share your contributions.”


Photo Release

By becoming a member of OLLI at Duke, you grant permission for Duke University to use your likeness in photographs/videos in any and all of its publications and in any and all other media, whether now known or hereafter existing, controlled by Duke University, in perpetuity, and for other use by the University. By agreeing to this policy you will make no monetary or other claims against Duke University for the use of the interview and/or the photograph(s)/videos.

COVID-19 Policy

We adhere to Duke University and JRC COVID policies. Policies are changing regularly. For the most up-to-date guidelines please read the In-person Guide.

Smoking Policy

Duke University is a Tobacco Free campus.