Mock Trial: Practicing the Tools of Justice

Order, order! Did you know the same skills that could make for a good lawyer could also be applicable to other careers such as policy-makers, scientists, professors, and more? Critical thinking skills, oratorical excellence, and mastery of debate are critical skills for the next generation of leaders in every field. Discover and develop these abilities while exploring one of the best law institutions in the country!

Explore elements of oratory, persuasion, and written argumentation. Task yourself with taking both sides of an issue (whether you agree or disagree) and interrogate tactics for crafting both arguments and counter-arguments. Learn to craft an opening argument, cross-examine, and a closing argument. 

Visit Duke Law School with your fellow peers and learn from special guests from the legal field. At the conclusion of this course a mock trial will be held where you will engage all of these skills and prepare to leave the course with the requisite skills to engage a broad range of topics with a sharpened mind and critical-thinking skills.