LEGO Stop Motion Animation

Have you ever wondered how The LEGO® Movie was created? How do animators develop original characters, sets and stories that capture audience emotions and bring imagination to life? Learn hands-on techniques used by animators in the entertainment industry including storyboarding, stop motion animation, video editing and more! 

Experience what it is like to be a lead animator who uses skill and ingenuity to invent dynamic characters, props and sets. Investigate industry standards for production, distribution, exhibition and research opportunities in the film industry. Join an innovative team of your peers to create an original LEGO stop motion animated film that will be submitted to youth film festivals. Your team’s film will also premiere during a red-carpet event at the Rubenstein Arts Center at Duke University!  

Animators create the stories that introduce audiences to unforgettable characters and imagined worlds. Could one of those animated stories be yours? 


How to Apply

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