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The Sustainable CEO – Transformative Business Leadership

The global business environment is in the early stages of what is expected to be an unprecedented period of sustained upheaval and change spurred by the exponential technological revolution and a rapidly shrinking globe. Visionary CEOs of eras past led businesses through ten-year plans, while today’s best executives understand the pitfalls of presuming to make high certainty predictions of what their company or industry will look like in 2032. How do today’s emerging young professionals land positions with top firms, and how can they position themselves to be the executives who lead the businesses of tomorrow? Hone your skills that are at the top of every Fortune 500 company’s list when hiring new talent. Explore paths for creating and leading organizations that place people and communities at the heart of critical missions and anchor themselves in sustainable business practices.

A foundation built by exploring core fields of academic business study paired with proficiency utilizing a proven framework for structured problem solving and an enhanced skill for persuasion and influence will transform those from idle observers to confident decision-makers who get results. Primer units on Economics, Management Sciences, and Marketing will provide you with the foundation every CEO needs to engage in every facet of the organization. Study inflation, the supply chain and more. Learn and deploy advanced analytical frameworks taught in the leading MBA programs and used by top management consulting firms to create ingenious solutions to pressing problems. Discover how the most sought-after executives consistently leverage ingenious solutions into tangible results by mastering the ability to win hearts and minds and influence people to act.

Work with teams of peers to dissect graduate-level case studies on real-world problems that actual businesses have faced. Engage in dynamic discussions that simulate executive leadership meetings, board room debates and high-pressure decision making. 

Dialogue with distinguished academics within the Duke community about the cutting-edge research being done in business fields. Develop effective leadership strategies for practical success. Enhance your written communication and establish meaningful connections between yourself, the audience, and content in oral business communication. Become fluent in the increasingly important field of data analytics. Convey complex information in ways that speak directly to people’s lived experiences and emotions while creating powerful moments that win support for your cause!


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